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Spoiler for Pico's Day in Court

2008-05-10 18:57:50 by kabuki-robot

*** Warning - this post contains spoilers about the game Pico's Day in Court ***

In this game, you play the part of a defense attorney named Matt Lock. The game takes place soon after the events of Pico's School. The game opens with Matt in his office.

Click the forward button until you get to Pico's 3rd statement in his retelling of the events of the school shooting. When he says "One was armed with another gun, and one had a sword.", click Press.

Continue forward to Detective Fifen's testimony. Click Press during Fifen's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th statements during his testimony.

Continue forward to Cyclops' testimony, and when he says "He even shot at me, but I shot the gun out of his hands!", click Court Record then click Present. The judge will ask for evidence, so click the gun with Cyclops' fingerprints on it, and hit Present again to confirm your choice. Continue forward as Cyclops gives new testimony, and click Press when he says "I saw Pico duck into the janitor's closet. When he came out, he had a gun."

Continue forward to Alucard's testimony, and when he says "Next they came into my classroom and killed my classmates.", click Court Record, then Present. The judge will again ask for evidence, so click the fire extinguisher and click Present again.

Continue forward and the judge will eventually ask for some evidence to clear Pico's name. Click on the bloody fingerprints on the janitor's closet door, then click Present.

Continue forward and you'll get to the boss battle. Shooting the monster's eyes will make them shut for awhile, so he can't shoot at you. The monster has four warts on him, three on his torso, and one on his head. Shooting the warts will damage the monster. The monster has ten hit points, and you have six. Kill the monster to win the game.